Folk Psychology and Sociology  

My Life Mission Statement:

To help people discover the great secrets of life.

Main topics:

My Core Values cover the most important things I have learned so far.

Regarding the individual, you can begin with the Human Archetypes and Initiation, as well as the first five of my core values.

Regarding relationship, start with the Dimensions of Promotion (also known as enrollment), and the second five of my core values.

Regarding group or team activity, I have written a lot; start with these: AccountabilityIntegrityPrioritiesOwnershipManagement — plus the final five of my core values.

Here are "scripts" for a couple specific exercises: Charisma and Toy Story.

Links to some other related material

This stuff began with some "men's groups" including MDI and others. Also, there is a list of changes in reverse chronological order.

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