(additions and bugs by Robert Munafo)

Image size 512x512. Idle.

Max Steps: 100

Full Instructions Here

To edit the color scheme manually, you can change this "XML" code, or copy-and-paste to save everything and/or use settings you got elsewhere. You can also use the XML code to change the coordinates as xmin/xmax/ymin/ymax.
      Use the "Apply" button to keep your edits, but this will fail if your changes do not preserve the XML syntax.
      You may find the MZCONF format more convenient because its coordinates are center real/imag and "currentZoom" (image size); only these and iterationMax are noticed when you "Apply".
      The "as center-size" formats are only for copying elsewhere and will be ignored if you "Apply".
      You may also use "Cancel" or press ESC to cancel.


Palette Length
%  Offset