Past and Present Websites of Men's Divisions International  

The sole purpose of this web page is to serve as a link to websites of Men's Divisions International — both past, current, and (occasionally) future.

The "current" website changes from year to year. If you learn of a new one, let me know.

A small amount of actual MDI-related information is here.

Non MDI Men's groups are here.

International (ca. Oct 2010 - present) (2009 - 2013)

LD at (2009-2013, website still exists)

their blog (2009-2013)

LD at (2013-2014) (ca. Oct 2007 - present) (ca. summer 2001 - 2007)

old LD dates page (2004-2008)


Map of Regions

Vancouver Calgary Toronto New England
New York
Bay Area Iowa

New England Region: (2010-present) (ca. 2008 - present) (used internally to forward email)

NEATcomm (now redirects to a newer page)

New England Legacy Discovery E0705, E0805, E0910, N1005

Central Desktop site (login required) (June 2008 - present)

New York Region: (ca. 2001 - present) (dead)

Toronto part of Southeast Region:

Atlanta (Southeast) Region: (ca. 2005-2006)

Fairfield, Iowa:

No links at present — please supply me with any you know of.

Vancouver (Northwest) Region: (ca. 2004-2009) (this was for Vancouver only, despit the name)

Calgary (part of Northwest Region):

No links at present — please supply me with any you know of.

Bay Area (of California):

No links at present — please supply me with any you know of.

Southwest Region: (2010)

Old Regions

Atlantic (has since split to form New England and "Southeast" which includes Toronto and Atlanta.)

Atlantic Region, circa 200603


    Backbone, 2008 - 2009     Backbone Calendar, 200805 - 200910

    Dog Soldiers, circa 2005-2007 -DX-


    Jawbone, ca. May 2010 - present

    Sons of Maine, circa 200408 -sm-

Other Affine Organizations

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