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Words I Mispronounced When I Was a Child    

This is a very serious webpage.

This is a very serious attempt to get the prize for "most useless data on a webpage".

I think CD collection lists are way underrated — they might be of use in a music industry survey (for example). The following will make any list of CDs seem like the Collected Works of Shakespeare by comparison. It is just a list of words I pronounced wrong (because I saw them in print before hearing them in speech). Let's get on with it:

word proper pronunciation how I said it years
acetylene /@ "se t@ li:n/ /"eIs taI li:n/ 1971-1976
atmosphere /"{t m@s fi:r/ /"{p n@s fi:r/ 1972-1976
material /m@ "ti:r i @l/ /"m{t @r @l/ 1973-1975
coefficients /%k@U @ "fI S@nts/ /%k@U "e f@ s@nts/ 1976-1980
Euler /"OI l@r/ /"ju: l@r/ 1976-1981
Riemann /"ri: mQn/ /"raI m@n/ 1976-1981
Io /"aI @U/ /"i: @U/ 1976-1982
libel /"laI b@l/ /"lI b@l/ 1978-1982
plethora /"ple T@ r@/ /pl@ "T@U r@/ 1978?-198x
subpoena /s@ "pi: n@/ /%sVb p@O "eI n@/ 1980-1984
debacle /d@ "bQ k@l/ /"deb @ k@l/ 1980-2000
February ? /"feb ju er i/,
/"feb ru er i/
faceitious /f@ si: S@s/ /f}s tI ti: @s/ ?

The pronunciation key is here

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