A Collection of 32-bit CRC Tables and Algorithms  


typedef unsigned char uint8_t; typedef unsigned short uint16_t; typedef unsigned int uint32_t;


Source : web.mit.edu/wwwdev/src/harvest-1.3.pl3/components/gatherer/standard/unbinhex/crc/makecrc.c

This code outputs the tables and CRC calculation routines in the "CCITT32" and "ziP' sections. It also outputs four types of 16-bit CRC tables and code, which are not included on this webpage.

/* This program will write six C routines for the calculation of * the following CRC's. */   /* The CRC polynomial. * These 4 values define the crc-polynomial. * If you change them, you must change crctab[]'s initial value to what is * printed by initcrctab() [see 'compile with -DMAKETAB' above]. */   /* This tables assumes CCITT is MSB first. Swapped means LSB first. In that * case the polynomial is also swapped */   /* 16 bit crc's */ /* Value used by: CCITT KERMIT ARC BINHEX */ /* the poly: 0x1021 0x8408 0xA001 0x1021 */ /* original: 0x1021 0x1021 0x8005 0x1021 */ /* init value: -1 0 0 0 */ /* swapped: no yes yes no */ /* bits in CRC: 16 16 16 16 */ /* ARC used by LHARC, ZOO, STUFFIT */ /* BINHEX used by XMODEM, PACKIT */   /* 32 bit crc's */ /* Value used by: CCITT32 ZIP */ /* the poly: 0x04c11db7 0xedb88320 */ /* original: 0x04c11db7 0x04c11db7 */ /* init value: -1 -1 */ /* swapped no yes */ /* bits in CRC: 32 32 */ /* ZIP used by COMPACTOR */   #include <stdio.h>   extern void exit(); extern char *strcat();   static void initcrctab();   main() { initcrctab("ccitt", 0x1021, 0xffff, 0, 16); initcrctab("kermit", 0x8408, 0, 1, 16); initcrctab("arc", 0xa001, 0, 1, 16); initcrctab("binhex", 0x1021, 0, 0, 16); initcrctab("ccitt32",0x04c11db7,0xffffffff,0,32); initcrctab("zip",0xedb88320,0xffffffff,1,32); exit(0); /*NOTREACHED*/ }   static void initcrctab(name, poly, init, swapped, bits) char *name; int poly, init, swapped, bits; { register int b, i; uint16_t v; uint32_t vv; FILE *fd; char buf[20];   buf[0] = 0; (void)strcat(buf, name); (void)strcat(buf, ".c"); if((fd = fopen(buf, "w")) == NULL) { (void)fprintf(stderr, "Cannot open %s for writing\n", buf); exit(1); } (void)fprintf(fd, "uint32_t %s_crcinit = %d;\n", name, init); (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); if(bits == 16) { (void)fprintf(fd, "static uint16_t crctab[256] = {\n"); } else { (void)fprintf(fd, "static uint32_t crctab[256] = {\n"); } (void)fprintf(fd, " "); if(bits == 16) { for(b = 0; b < 256; ++b) { if(swapped) { for(v = b, i = 8; --i >= 0;) v = v & 1 ? (v>>1)^poly : v>>1; } else { for(v = b<<8, i = 8; --i >= 0;) v = v & 0x8000 ? (v<<1)^poly : v<<1; } (void)fprintf(fd, "0x%.4x,", v & 0xffff); if((b&7) == 7) { (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); if(b != 255) (void)fprintf(fd, " "); } else { (void)fprintf(fd, " "); } } } else { for(b = 0; b < 256; ++b) { if(swapped) { for(vv = b, i = 8; --i >= 0;) vv = vv & 1 ? (vv>>1)^poly : vv>>1; } else { for(vv = b<<24, i = 8; --i >= 0;) vv = vv & 0x80000000 ? (vv<<1)^poly : vv<<1; } (void)fprintf(fd, "0x%.8x,", vv & 0xffffffff); if((b&3) == 3) { (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); if(b != 255) (void)fprintf(fd, " "); } else { (void)fprintf(fd, " "); } } } (void)fprintf(fd, "};\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "uint32_t %s_updcrc(icrc, icp, icnt)\n", name); (void)fprintf(fd, " uint32_t icrc;\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, " uint8_t *icp;\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, " int icnt;\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "{\n"); if(bits == 16) { (void)fprintf(fd, "#define M1 0xff\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "#define M2 0xff00\n"); } else { (void)fprintf(fd, "#define M1 0xffffff\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "#define M2 0xffffff00\n"); } (void)fprintf(fd, " register uint32_t crc = icrc;\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, " register uint8_t *cp = icp;\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, " register int cnt = icnt;\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, " while(cnt--) {\n");   if(bits == 16) { if (swapped) { (void)fprintf(fd, "\tcrc=((crc>>8)&M1)^crctab[(crc&0xff)^*cp++];\n"); } else { (void)fprintf(fd, "\tcrc=((crc<<8)&M2)^crctab[((crc>>8)&0xff)^*cp++];\n"); } } else { if(swapped) { (void)fprintf(fd, "\tcrc=((crc>>8)&M1)^crctab[(crc&0xff)^*cp++];\n"); } else { (void)fprintf(fd, "\tcrc=((crc<<8)&M2)^crctab[((crc>>24)&0xff)^*cp++];\n"); } } (void)fprintf(fd, " }\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, " return(crc);\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "}\n"); (void)fprintf(fd, "\n"); (void)fclose(fd); }


Source : web.mit.edu/wwwdev/src/harvest-1.3.pl3/components/gatherer/standard/unbinhex/crc/ccitt32.c

This table and the CRC calculation function are both output by the above "makecrc" code.

uint32_t ccitt32_crcinit = -1;   static uint32_t crctab[256] = { 0x00000000, 0x04c11db7, 0x09823b6e, 0x0d4326d9, 0x130476dc, 0x17c56b6b, 0x1a864db2, 0x1e475005, 0x2608edb8, 0x22c9f00f, 0x2f8ad6d6, 0x2b4bcb61, 0x350c9b64, 0x31cd86d3, 0x3c8ea00a, 0x384fbdbd, 0x4c11db70, 0x48d0c6c7, 0x4593e01e, 0x4152fda9, 0x5f15adac, 0x5bd4b01b, 0x569796c2, 0x52568b75, 0x6a1936c8, 0x6ed82b7f, 0x639b0da6, 0x675a1011, 0x791d4014, 0x7ddc5da3, 0x709f7b7a, 0x745e66cd, 0x9823b6e0, 0x9ce2ab57, 0x91a18d8e, 0x95609039, 0x8b27c03c, 0x8fe6dd8b, 0x82a5fb52, 0x8664e6e5, 0xbe2b5b58, 0xbaea46ef, 0xb7a96036, 0xb3687d81, 0xad2f2d84, 0xa9ee3033, 0xa4ad16ea, 0xa06c0b5d, 0xd4326d90, 0xd0f37027, 0xddb056fe, 0xd9714b49, 0xc7361b4c, 0xc3f706fb, 0xceb42022, 0xca753d95, 0xf23a8028, 0xf6fb9d9f, 0xfbb8bb46, 0xff79a6f1, 0xe13ef6f4, 0xe5ffeb43, 0xe8bccd9a, 0xec7dd02d, 0x34867077, 0x30476dc0, 0x3d044b19, 0x39c556ae, 0x278206ab, 0x23431b1c, 0x2e003dc5, 0x2ac12072, 0x128e9dcf, 0x164f8078, 0x1b0ca6a1, 0x1fcdbb16, 0x018aeb13, 0x054bf6a4, 0x0808d07d, 0x0cc9cdca, 0x7897ab07, 0x7c56b6b0, 0x71159069, 0x75d48dde, 0x6b93dddb, 0x6f52c06c, 0x6211e6b5, 0x66d0fb02, 0x5e9f46bf, 0x5a5e5b08, 0x571d7dd1, 0x53dc6066, 0x4d9b3063, 0x495a2dd4, 0x44190b0d, 0x40d816ba, 0xaca5c697, 0xa864db20, 0xa527fdf9, 0xa1e6e04e, 0xbfa1b04b, 0xbb60adfc, 0xb6238b25, 0xb2e29692, 0x8aad2b2f, 0x8e6c3698, 0x832f1041, 0x87ee0df6, 0x99a95df3, 0x9d684044, 0x902b669d, 0x94ea7b2a, 0xe0b41de7, 0xe4750050, 0xe9362689, 0xedf73b3e, 0xf3b06b3b, 0xf771768c, 0xfa325055, 0xfef34de2, 0xc6bcf05f, 0xc27dede8, 0xcf3ecb31, 0xcbffd686, 0xd5b88683, 0xd1799b34, 0xdc3abded, 0xd8fba05a, 0x690ce0ee, 0x6dcdfd59, 0x608edb80, 0x644fc637, 0x7a089632, 0x7ec98b85, 0x738aad5c, 0x774bb0eb, 0x4f040d56, 0x4bc510e1, 0x46863638, 0x42472b8f, 0x5c007b8a, 0x58c1663d, 0x558240e4, 0x51435d53, 0x251d3b9e, 0x21dc2629, 0x2c9f00f0, 0x285e1d47, 0x36194d42, 0x32d850f5, 0x3f9b762c, 0x3b5a6b9b, 0x0315d626, 0x07d4cb91, 0x0a97ed48, 0x0e56f0ff, 0x1011a0fa, 0x14d0bd4d, 0x19939b94, 0x1d528623, 0xf12f560e, 0xf5ee4bb9, 0xf8ad6d60, 0xfc6c70d7, 0xe22b20d2, 0xe6ea3d65, 0xeba91bbc, 0xef68060b, 0xd727bbb6, 0xd3e6a601, 0xdea580d8, 0xda649d6f, 0xc423cd6a, 0xc0e2d0dd, 0xcda1f604, 0xc960ebb3, 0xbd3e8d7e, 0xb9ff90c9, 0xb4bcb610, 0xb07daba7, 0xae3afba2, 0xaafbe615, 0xa7b8c0cc, 0xa379dd7b, 0x9b3660c6, 0x9ff77d71, 0x92b45ba8, 0x9675461f, 0x8832161a, 0x8cf30bad, 0x81b02d74, 0x857130c3, 0x5d8a9099, 0x594b8d2e, 0x5408abf7, 0x50c9b640, 0x4e8ee645, 0x4a4ffbf2, 0x470cdd2b, 0x43cdc09c, 0x7b827d21, 0x7f436096, 0x7200464f, 0x76c15bf8, 0x68860bfd, 0x6c47164a, 0x61043093, 0x65c52d24, 0x119b4be9, 0x155a565e, 0x18197087, 0x1cd86d30, 0x029f3d35, 0x065e2082, 0x0b1d065b, 0x0fdc1bec, 0x3793a651, 0x3352bbe6, 0x3e119d3f, 0x3ad08088, 0x2497d08d, 0x2056cd3a, 0x2d15ebe3, 0x29d4f654, 0xc5a92679, 0xc1683bce, 0xcc2b1d17, 0xc8ea00a0, 0xd6ad50a5, 0xd26c4d12, 0xdf2f6bcb, 0xdbee767c, 0xe3a1cbc1, 0xe760d676, 0xea23f0af, 0xeee2ed18, 0xf0a5bd1d, 0xf464a0aa, 0xf9278673, 0xfde69bc4, 0x89b8fd09, 0x8d79e0be, 0x803ac667, 0x84fbdbd0, 0x9abc8bd5, 0x9e7d9662, 0x933eb0bb, 0x97ffad0c, 0xafb010b1, 0xab710d06, 0xa6322bdf, 0xa2f33668, 0xbcb4666d, 0xb8757bda, 0xb5365d03, 0xb1f740b4, };   uint32_t ccitt32_updcrc(icrc, icp, icnt) uint32_t icrc; uint8_t *icp; int icnt; { #define M1 0xffffff #define M2 0xffffff00 register uint32_t crc = icrc; register uint8_t *cp = icp; register int cnt = icnt;   while(cnt--) { crc=((crc<<8)&M2)^crctab[((crc>>24)&0xff)^*cp++]; }   return(crc); }


Sources :



/* Table computed with the following function "adler_init" by Mark Adler, which had the following comment:   Generate a table for a byte-wise 32-bit CRC calculation on the polynomial: x^32+x^26+x^23+x^22+x^16+x^12+x^11+x^10+x^8+x^7+x^5+x^4+x^2+x+1.   Polynomials over GF(2) are represented in binary, one bit per coefficient, with the lowest powers in the most significant bit. Then adding polynomials is just exclusive-or, and multiplying a polynomial by x is a right shift by one. If we call the above polynomial p, and represent a byte as the polynomial q, also with the lowest power in the most significant bit (so the byte 0xb1 is the polynomial x^7+x^3+x+1), then the CRC is (q*x^32) mod p, where a mod b means the remainder after dividing a by b.   This calculation is done using the shift-register method of multiplying and taking the remainder. The register is initialized to zero, and for each incoming bit, x^32 is added mod p to the register if the bit is a one (where x^32 mod p is p+x^32 = x^26+...+1), and the register is multiplied mod p by x (which is shifting right by one and adding x^32 mod p if the bit shifted out is a one). We start with the highest power (least significant bit) of q and repeat for all eight bits of q.   The table is simply the CRC of all possible eight bit values. This is all the information needed to generate CRC's on data a byte at a time for all combinations of CRC register values and incoming bytes. */   void adler_init() { uint32_t c; // crc shift register uint32_t e; // polynomial exclusive-or pattern int i; // counter for all possible eight bit values int k; // byte being shifted into crc apparatus   // terms of polynomial defining this crc (except x^32): static int p[] = {0,1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11,12,16,22,23,26};   // Make exclusive-or pattern from polynomial (0xedb88320) e = 0; for (i = 0; i < sizeof(p)/sizeof(int); i++) { e |= 1L << (31 - p[i]); }   // Compute table of CRC's for (i = 1; i < 256; i++) { c = i; // The idea to initialize the register with the byte instead of // zero was stolen from Haruhiko Okumura's ar002 for (k = 8; k; k--) { c = c & 1 ? (c >> 1) ^ e : c >> 1; } crc32_table[i] = c; } }   static const uint32_t crc32_table[256] = { 0x00000000, 0x77073096, 0xee0e612c, 0x990951ba, 0x076dc419, 0x706af48f, 0xe963a535, 0x9e6495a3, 0x0edb8832, 0x79dcb8a4, 0xe0d5e91e, 0x97d2d988, 0x09b64c2b, 0x7eb17cbd, 0xe7b82d07, 0x90bf1d91, 0x1db71064, 0x6ab020f2, 0xf3b97148, 0x84be41de, 0x1adad47d, 0x6ddde4eb, 0xf4d4b551, 0x83d385c7, 0x136c9856, 0x646ba8c0, 0xfd62f97a, 0x8a65c9ec, 0x14015c4f, 0x63066cd9, 0xfa0f3d63, 0x8d080df5, 0x3b6e20c8, 0x4c69105e, 0xd56041e4, 0xa2677172, 0x3c03e4d1, 0x4b04d447, 0xd20d85fd, 0xa50ab56b, 0x35b5a8fa, 0x42b2986c, 0xdbbbc9d6, 0xacbcf940, 0x32d86ce3, 0x45df5c75, 0xdcd60dcf, 0xabd13d59, 0x26d930ac, 0x51de003a, 0xc8d75180, 0xbfd06116, 0x21b4f4b5, 0x56b3c423, 0xcfba9599, 0xb8bda50f, 0x2802b89e, 0x5f058808, 0xc60cd9b2, 0xb10be924, 0x2f6f7c87, 0x58684c11, 0xc1611dab, 0xb6662d3d, 0x76dc4190, 0x01db7106, 0x98d220bc, 0xefd5102a, 0x71b18589, 0x06b6b51f, 0x9fbfe4a5, 0xe8b8d433, 0x7807c9a2, 0x0f00f934, 0x9609a88e, 0xe10e9818, 0x7f6a0dbb, 0x086d3d2d, 0x91646c97, 0xe6635c01, 0x6b6b51f4, 0x1c6c6162, 0x856530d8, 0xf262004e, 0x6c0695ed, 0x1b01a57b, 0x8208f4c1, 0xf50fc457, 0x65b0d9c6, 0x12b7e950, 0x8bbeb8ea, 0xfcb9887c, 0x62dd1ddf, 0x15da2d49, 0x8cd37cf3, 0xfbd44c65, 0x4db26158, 0x3ab551ce, 0xa3bc0074, 0xd4bb30e2, 0x4adfa541, 0x3dd895d7, 0xa4d1c46d, 0xd3d6f4fb, 0x4369e96a, 0x346ed9fc, 0xad678846, 0xda60b8d0, 0x44042d73, 0x33031de5, 0xaa0a4c5f, 0xdd0d7cc9, 0x5005713c, 0x270241aa, 0xbe0b1010, 0xc90c2086, 0x5768b525, 0x206f85b3, 0xb966d409, 0xce61e49f, 0x5edef90e, 0x29d9c998, 0xb0d09822, 0xc7d7a8b4, 0x59b33d17, 0x2eb40d81, 0xb7bd5c3b, 0xc0ba6cad, 0xedb88320, 0x9abfb3b6, 0x03b6e20c, 0x74b1d29a, 0xead54739, 0x9dd277af, 0x04db2615, 0x73dc1683, 0xe3630b12, 0x94643b84, 0x0d6d6a3e, 0x7a6a5aa8, 0xe40ecf0b, 0x9309ff9d, 0x0a00ae27, 0x7d079eb1, 0xf00f9344, 0x8708a3d2, 0x1e01f268, 0x6906c2fe, 0xf762575d, 0x806567cb, 0x196c3671, 0x6e6b06e7, 0xfed41b76, 0x89d32be0, 0x10da7a5a, 0x67dd4acc, 0xf9b9df6f, 0x8ebeeff9, 0x17b7be43, 0x60b08ed5, 0xd6d6a3e8, 0xa1d1937e, 0x38d8c2c4, 0x4fdff252, 0xd1bb67f1, 0xa6bc5767, 0x3fb506dd, 0x48b2364b, 0xd80d2bda, 0xaf0a1b4c, 0x36034af6, 0x41047a60, 0xdf60efc3, 0xa867df55, 0x316e8eef, 0x4669be79, 0xcb61b38c, 0xbc66831a, 0x256fd2a0, 0x5268e236, 0xcc0c7795, 0xbb0b4703, 0x220216b9, 0x5505262f, 0xc5ba3bbe, 0xb2bd0b28, 0x2bb45a92, 0x5cb36a04, 0xc2d7ffa7, 0xb5d0cf31, 0x2cd99e8b, 0x5bdeae1d, 0x9b64c2b0, 0xec63f226, 0x756aa39c, 0x026d930a, 0x9c0906a9, 0xeb0e363f, 0x72076785, 0x05005713, 0x95bf4a82, 0xe2b87a14, 0x7bb12bae, 0x0cb61b38, 0x92d28e9b, 0xe5d5be0d, 0x7cdcefb7, 0x0bdbdf21, 0x86d3d2d4, 0xf1d4e242, 0x68ddb3f8, 0x1fda836e, 0x81be16cd, 0xf6b9265b, 0x6fb077e1, 0x18b74777, 0x88085ae6, 0xff0f6a70, 0x66063bca, 0x11010b5c, 0x8f659eff, 0xf862ae69, 0x616bffd3, 0x166ccf45, 0xa00ae278, 0xd70dd2ee, 0x4e048354, 0x3903b3c2, 0xa7672661, 0xd06016f7, 0x4969474d, 0x3e6e77db, 0xaed16a4a, 0xd9d65adc, 0x40df0b66, 0x37d83bf0, 0xa9bcae53, 0xdebb9ec5, 0x47b2cf7f, 0x30b5ffe9, 0xbdbdf21c, 0xcabac28a, 0x53b39330, 0x24b4a3a6, 0xbad03605, 0xcdd70693, 0x54de5729, 0x23d967bf, 0xb3667a2e, 0xc4614ab8, 0x5d681b02, 0x2a6f2b94, 0xb40bbe37, 0xc30c8ea1, 0x5a05df1b, 0x2d02ef8d };   uint32_t crc32_a(uint32_t crc, const void *buf, size_t size) { const uint8_t *p;   p = buf; crc = crc ^ ~0U;   while (size--) crc = crc32_tab[(crc ^ *p++) & 0xFF] ^ (crc >> 8);   return crc ^ ~0U; }   uint32_t crc32_b(uint32_t crc, uint8_t *buf, int len) { uint8_t *end;   crc = ~crc; for (end = buf + len; buf < end; ++buf) { crc = crc32_table[(crc ^ *buf) & 0xff] ^ (crc >> 8); } return ~crc; }


Source : web.mit.edu/wwwdev/src/harvest-1.3.pl3/components/gatherer/standard/unbinhex/crc/zip.c

This table and the CRC calculation function are both output by the above "makecrc" code.

uint32_t zip_crcinit = -1; static uint32_t crctab[256] = { 0x00000000, 0x09073096, 0x120e612c, 0x1b0951ba, 0xff6dc419, 0xf66af48f, 0xed63a535, 0xe46495a3, 0xfedb8832, 0xf7dcb8a4, 0xecd5e91e, 0xe5d2d988, 0x01b64c2b, 0x08b17cbd, 0x13b82d07, 0x1abf1d91, 0xfdb71064, 0xf4b020f2, 0xefb97148, 0xe6be41de, 0x02dad47d, 0x0bdde4eb, 0x10d4b551, 0x19d385c7, 0x036c9856, 0x0a6ba8c0, 0x1162f97a, 0x1865c9ec, 0xfc015c4f, 0xf5066cd9, 0xee0f3d63, 0xe7080df5, 0xfb6e20c8, 0xf269105e, 0xe96041e4, 0xe0677172, 0x0403e4d1, 0x0d04d447, 0x160d85fd, 0x1f0ab56b, 0x05b5a8fa, 0x0cb2986c, 0x17bbc9d6, 0x1ebcf940, 0xfad86ce3, 0xf3df5c75, 0xe8d60dcf, 0xe1d13d59, 0x06d930ac, 0x0fde003a, 0x14d75180, 0x1dd06116, 0xf9b4f4b5, 0xf0b3c423, 0xebba9599, 0xe2bda50f, 0xf802b89e, 0xf1058808, 0xea0cd9b2, 0xe30be924, 0x076f7c87, 0x0e684c11, 0x15611dab, 0x1c662d3d, 0xf6dc4190, 0xffdb7106, 0xe4d220bc, 0xedd5102a, 0x09b18589, 0x00b6b51f, 0x1bbfe4a5, 0x12b8d433, 0x0807c9a2, 0x0100f934, 0x1a09a88e, 0x130e9818, 0xf76a0dbb, 0xfe6d3d2d, 0xe5646c97, 0xec635c01, 0x0b6b51f4, 0x026c6162, 0x196530d8, 0x1062004e, 0xf40695ed, 0xfd01a57b, 0xe608f4c1, 0xef0fc457, 0xf5b0d9c6, 0xfcb7e950, 0xe7beb8ea, 0xeeb9887c, 0x0add1ddf, 0x03da2d49, 0x18d37cf3, 0x11d44c65, 0x0db26158, 0x04b551ce, 0x1fbc0074, 0x16bb30e2, 0xf2dfa541, 0xfbd895d7, 0xe0d1c46d, 0xe9d6f4fb, 0xf369e96a, 0xfa6ed9fc, 0xe1678846, 0xe860b8d0, 0x0c042d73, 0x05031de5, 0x1e0a4c5f, 0x170d7cc9, 0xf005713c, 0xf90241aa, 0xe20b1010, 0xeb0c2086, 0x0f68b525, 0x066f85b3, 0x1d66d409, 0x1461e49f, 0x0edef90e, 0x07d9c998, 0x1cd09822, 0x15d7a8b4, 0xf1b33d17, 0xf8b40d81, 0xe3bd5c3b, 0xeaba6cad, 0xedb88320, 0xe4bfb3b6, 0xffb6e20c, 0xf6b1d29a, 0x12d54739, 0x1bd277af, 0x00db2615, 0x09dc1683, 0x13630b12, 0x1a643b84, 0x016d6a3e, 0x086a5aa8, 0xec0ecf0b, 0xe509ff9d, 0xfe00ae27, 0xf7079eb1, 0x100f9344, 0x1908a3d2, 0x0201f268, 0x0b06c2fe, 0xef62575d, 0xe66567cb, 0xfd6c3671, 0xf46b06e7, 0xeed41b76, 0xe7d32be0, 0xfcda7a5a, 0xf5dd4acc, 0x11b9df6f, 0x18beeff9, 0x03b7be43, 0x0ab08ed5, 0x16d6a3e8, 0x1fd1937e, 0x04d8c2c4, 0x0ddff252, 0xe9bb67f1, 0xe0bc5767, 0xfbb506dd, 0xf2b2364b, 0xe80d2bda, 0xe10a1b4c, 0xfa034af6, 0xf3047a60, 0x1760efc3, 0x1e67df55, 0x056e8eef, 0x0c69be79, 0xeb61b38c, 0xe266831a, 0xf96fd2a0, 0xf068e236, 0x140c7795, 0x1d0b4703, 0x060216b9, 0x0f05262f, 0x15ba3bbe, 0x1cbd0b28, 0x07b45a92, 0x0eb36a04, 0xead7ffa7, 0xe3d0cf31, 0xf8d99e8b, 0xf1deae1d, 0x1b64c2b0, 0x1263f226, 0x096aa39c, 0x006d930a, 0xe40906a9, 0xed0e363f, 0xf6076785, 0xff005713, 0xe5bf4a82, 0xecb87a14, 0xf7b12bae, 0xfeb61b38, 0x1ad28e9b, 0x13d5be0d, 0x08dcefb7, 0x01dbdf21, 0xe6d3d2d4, 0xefd4e242, 0xf4ddb3f8, 0xfdda836e, 0x19be16cd, 0x10b9265b, 0x0bb077e1, 0x02b74777, 0x18085ae6, 0x110f6a70, 0x0a063bca, 0x03010b5c, 0xe7659eff, 0xee62ae69, 0xf56bffd3, 0xfc6ccf45, 0xe00ae278, 0xe90dd2ee, 0xf2048354, 0xfb03b3c2, 0x1f672661, 0x166016f7, 0x0d69474d, 0x046e77db, 0x1ed16a4a, 0x17d65adc, 0x0cdf0b66, 0x05d83bf0, 0xe1bcae53, 0xe8bb9ec5, 0xf3b2cf7f, 0xfab5ffe9, 0x1dbdf21c, 0x14bac28a, 0x0fb39330, 0x06b4a3a6, 0xe2d03605, 0xebd70693, 0xf0de5729, 0xf9d967bf, 0xe3667a2e, 0xea614ab8, 0xf1681b02, 0xf86f2b94, 0x1c0bbe37, 0x150c8ea1, 0x0e05df1b, 0x0702ef8d, };   uint32_t zip_updcrc(icrc, icp, icnt) uint32_t icrc; uint8_t *icp; int icnt; { #define M1 0xffffff #define M2 0xffffff00 register uint32_t crc = icrc; register uint8_t *cp = icp; register int cnt = icnt;   while(cnt--) { crc=((crc>>8)&M1)^crctab[(crc&0xff)^*cp++]; }   return(crc); }

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