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Forstemann, Thorsten    

Robert P. Munafo, 2012 Aug 18.

Thorsten Förstemann has performed high-resolution pixel counting estimates of the area of the Mandelbrot set. As of mid-2012, his work has achieved the highest precision of any Mandelbrot set area astimate.

In early 2012, using twin Radeon HD  5970 GPUs, he performed grid measurement estimates similar to those described in the pixel counting article, up to a grid size of 2097152×2097152. This last gridsize involved a calculation time of 3.028×106 seconds or about 35 days. The resulting area estimate is 1.5065918849(28), or 1.5065918849±0.0000000028.

A detailed description of his work is here:

Numerical estimation of the area of the Mandelbrot set

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