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Lambda Map  

Robert P. Munafo, 2011 Jul 28.

An alternate version of the Mandelbrot set resulting from the use of a different recurrence relation:

Z0 = 0

Zn+1 = C Zn (1-Zn) = CZn - CZn2

or, alternately, the application of a coordinate transform prior to using the normal recurrence relation:

C' = (C-1)2 + 1/4

Lambda map image
Lambda map image

A lambda version of the Mandelbrot set appeared in Byte magazine 11 months before the better-known Scientific American article:

photo from Byte article
photo from Byte article

The images were created by Greg Turk; based on the BYTE article text, these images were probably created on a VAX 11/750 at West Coast University.

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