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Scepter Valley    

Robert P. Munafo, 2023 Apr 18.

Also known as Seahorse Valley West, this is a colloquial name for the cusps between R2.1/2a and R2.1/2.1/2a, particularly the upper one, R2.1/2.C(1/2)-. See also Double Scepter valley.

When distinguishing features on opposing sides of the valley, the side closer to R2.1/2a retains the name "scepter valley" while the side closer to R2.1/2.1/2a is called dragon valley. The embedded Julia sets found in an island's "scepter valley" are sometimes called scepter medallions.

This picture shows the reason for the name: a seahorse with "scepters".

-1.250088 + 0.029386 i  +0.003700, Nmax: 50000
-1.250088 + 0.029386 i @ +0.003700, Nmax: 50000

-^''"^"^"FY@@@@@bmdm@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@bd@e, .7**(@"dTC@@@@@@@@@@@@@(@"*@C@@bL__,__, -(@b@*Yd@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@b@@@@@@@@@@*[ _._:@F*b@C@@@@@@FF"*~^-"`':@@@F%L^^@@[ '-*" `..F`^F^"'_.mmbbbr, ^`'"^/@Le$@@c '^ -.@@F:@L@C; m,.^@@@C@@Y` ---m@@@/,`^` , -%@@@@@@C;, _, ._-d@@@ea/- ,'F,:,^%@@Yb@@@[ *Yv-m@@@@@d@@ba,:d@Lm@@@/^/dY@F` '-"@@F*@@$@F\(@@@@@@@@@C@Y@@` -__,,.e __C@be@@@@@/'^Y@@Y@'"*"**@@@ ^@@b@e.r ._ , .$@@@b/@@Fb@@@@@@` 'F ._Yd@@$@ec, . .]bmbm,d@@@@@@@Cm@@@"^` ` d*""*Y":mm@d@@C\Yb@@@@@@@@@@@@bemm, _- ' ^FYF@F*@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@F@$@br._,__mF -"@md*@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"@@@@@@@@@@@" .,_/FFYm@@@@@FF"^^,,' __d@@@b^%@@*` ^^^ ./^`"' \a@F$7@L _''.@@b@@@@ ._d^@@"/**F^ "\md@@@F"^' ^%@@@@%., m .^*Y@Y@@Cm/ '-mme_bd@@@@@L//a@da@@@^;d@bF` '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -1.250 088 +0.029 386 i @ +0.003 700 , Nmax: 50000 R2F(1/2F(13/27B)B), one of the denizens of "Scepter Valley".
-1.250088 + 0.029386 i @ +0.003700, Nmax: 50000

See R2.1/2.C(1/2) for more illustrations.

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From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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