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Alfred Holbrook, The Normal or Methods of Teaching, 1859  

The following excerpt is from the book The Normal: or Methods of Teaching the Common Branches, Orthoepy, Orthography, Grammar, Geography, Arithmetic and Elocution by Alfred Holbrook, published in 1859.

The portion quoted here concerns the "Chuquet" number-names.

These number-names have long since been supplanted by the Conway-Wechsler system, see full list of individual "zillions".

This book was referenced by W. D. Henkle in Names of the Periods in Numeration, 1860.


  NAMES OF THE PERIODS. — 1st, Units. 2d, Thousands. 3d, Millions. 4th, Billions. 5th, Trillions. 6th, Quadrillions. 7th, Quintillions. 8th, Sextillions. 9th, Septillions. 10th. Octillions. 11th, Nonillions. 12th, Decillions. 13th, Undecillions. 14th, Duodecillions. 15th, Tredecillions. 16th, Quadrodecillions. 17th, Quindecillions. 18th, Sexdecillions. 19th, Septodecillions. 20th, Octodecillions. 21st, Nonodecillions. 22d. Vingintillions. 23d, Unvingintillions. 24th, Duo-vingintillions, etc. 32d, Trigintillions. 42d, Quadrogintillions. 52d, Quingintillions. 62d, Sexagintillions. 72d, Septuagintillions. 82d, Octogintillions. 92d, Ninogintillions. 102d, Centillions. 103d, Uncentillions. 104th, Duocentillions, etc. 202d, Duo-centillions, etc. 1002d, Millillions, etc.


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