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RILYBOT 4: What Does It Do?    

RILYBOT 4 is a simple robot with an even simpler method of training and a reasonably complex set of behaviors.

To train it, all you have to do is push it around, emulating the type of behavior you would like to get it to do.

For example, if you want it to move straight until it hits a wall, then back up while turning left, then resume moving straight, here's what you do:

- flip the switch to put it into "training" mode
- move it straight until it hits a wall
- move it backwads and turning to the left for a little while
- then start moving straight again
- flip the switch to end "training" mode
- flip the "go" switch and watch!

After training it in that manner, the robot will move at about the same speed you moved it in while training, and whenever it hits a wall it will back up and turn left at the rate you used when you trained it, then go back to forwards motion.

It is then equally easy to retrain the robot to move in a different way.

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