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 xkcd 1190 "Time" by Randall Munroe

xkcd 1190 ''Time'' replay

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    The "LIVE" button sets the picture based on the current date, but pretending that the year is 2013 (or 2014 if the date is before March 25). It will update the picture at each ONG (typically 1/2 hour or 1 hour).

    The "PLAY" button plays 1 frame every 2 seconds. The "RANDOM" button chooses a random frame once per hour. Use the other buttons to manually change the frame. The keyboard 'p' and 'n' keys, and the left- and right-arrow keys, do Previous and Next respectively. All of these buttons also cancel "live" mode.

    To go directly to a desired frame, make the URL end with .../time/replay/index.html#1234 (or whatever frame number you want) and then force a reload. You must reload for this change to take effect

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