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Colloquial Names    

Robert P. Munafo, 2008 Feb 12.

There are a great many "colloquial" names for features of the Mandelbrot Set. These names are descriptive (most refer to visual similarities between Mandelbrot Set features and well-known forms from real life) but usually not precise. A fairly representative sample of colloquial names is presented in the R2 entry.

Each of the colloquial terms has its own entry in Mu-Ency. Here is a partial list of those entries:

antenna, apple doll, ball, body, bud, Buddha, buddhabrot, bug, bulb, cauliflower, cell, child, cleft, cluster, contours, double hook, double spiral, Double Scepter Valley, Elephant Valley, fixed point cardioid, head, hook, island, John Dewey Jones midget, lake, lakelet, Main Antenna, Main Cardioid, Main Sequence, mandelbrotie, midget, minibrot, node, North Radical, nucleus (when used in reference to the feature at the center of an embedded Julia set), paramecium, Period-3 Midget, point, Proboscis, Quad Spiral Valley, radical, Scepter Valley, Seahorse Valley, Seahorse Valley West, shepherd's crook, shoulders, South Radical, Spike, spoke, tendril, tip, topknot, Triple Spiral Valley, utter west, valley, virtual Julia set, West Radical .

From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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