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Double Spiral    

Robert P. Munafo, 2008 Feb 16.

Colloquial term for either of two different types of filament features:

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]m@m@_/*- ___, $v@/"TC .@L__,,.d*Y@` %@mF@^ .vea.d/*^*^@m7/C^vm_a :_e, ___ @C$C :mvm@Lr%F@emd%FY@ -@d/v, a_mmC%bm$$F r* ._/m]@@d)"*" ^""^'"\@$b*m^*dd@b /"L_,.@_L@, .,d@$F*"^'` "^^^Fr*YF@F.[]vr^,Y@a"` .a@/d^^ , .^bd("^ ^--~ @c _a(@F" _._mmdmr__ .$$CCm ..@@_ _mFCF- _m@*^^`^^^*(bm, d$a@\_.___a/F_T^ ,$bC$` m@" .m--me, '"@@, :m"TL_dF\@"**"**d__ '*bd$F @@,'Fa%)e'@c ^@r /\@TmC*med_, (mmdY_ ./@Y*\- ^@b_^-`LF ]@ 'Y@, ]YY@@@(*e$"b_a:"'*"' ^^@@@m- ^"**"^ _d* '@Fc '"L@(d%rY[ aCF^` _FcbdYre., _ _a_d@"` .d@b -"*m*.d**^"* ` *C%m@$Cb@a@F@"` .d@$[ ' ^^'"m/*"Y"`^ .-CF\- '@L@@\__ .,Yb/`YC` 'Y)-T(@@ ,, :d@**@F^e7@r _.__,aC@bF` ^'$^` '^'^`^^'^^`' '^` -0.770 231 +0.115 354i @ 0.004 992, Nmax: 17290 R2F(1/2(1/14B1)B*)

Two filaments of R2F(1/2(1/14B1)B*) that spiral in to a point. This is the more common usage of "double spiral". The 2-fold rotational symmetry centers around a Misiurewicz point. This particular image is from the west side of Seahorse valley.

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-0.74453986035590 +0.12172377389443i @ 6.0e-11
:/*Y._mm, '^C@Y@@@@@@@@@$("@_$Y"$$@@@@b, ;__)@@@C_ "T$Cd@@@@F@@C$(@(@"`"@@FYY@CF @%"T@@@@*emm- '^d@@$@@$d$\@%F"C@d%^` '^" *C_m@@,d7@@@m_a '*-@^@C$@/)YF^^"^ '^"@F'*YbYC@Ymac '` ^` ^` "*"@@Cmm,_ ^^mF@@@L,_, ...____ ]@@@%b@@_,.a___.m__am_,me . ._m@@*^^Ye ^-dr@YYF^\@@@@%*@$(@$d@@b@L ]@@@, *C/" -@@@`a-@"*"*@m@;""` ^ ^'*@@m- ]@@@L, ,_._a-v@@@@%@aF"^` __e_, ^b@L \@@@(e,m__*@FF/*"Y@YF^%mm, m@/*`_d@@ '^"Y@b@d@d*_@@@@*-L~`/@@C^ ^**b@F*" ^^ ^"@"'*Y@@"_d@@@%F^$.__ '"^ ^%@@@Fb*@@b_., '^^'*Y@@b$[@be._, ., .m, **^\@@@m@~@F\/@@me_T@[ amm, __ "*"\Y@@b"Cd@@_bb~` \Y@@mme_d@L__.m, __ 'Y*^"*@@@C^]F[ ^.@F7F_^/F@*"]@@/ed@_,._ (@*`^**` __)dFd@mF*~@b~"@m_C@^*@@e,__ ^^` '`^^`'^^^^^' '^^'^^'`^^ -0.74453986035589 + 0.12172377389443 i @ 6e-11, Nmax: 17290
A double hook in the east side of Seahorse Valley. Rollo Silver has referred to this type of feature as "double spiral". In this case the 2-fold symmetry centers on an island; each spiral is a single spiral but they form a matched pair.

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From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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