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Robert P. Munafo, 2023 Aug 2.

This is a listing of articles in the Amygdala newsletter by Rollo Silver. Each issue starts with a link to the issue on, where you can read it in your browser or download in PDF or other formats.

Issue #0a 19861121

First Words

Contributions and Publication

Color Photos

Notation: discusses ways to specify the coordinates of a rectangular view, with a preference for center/size; defines "magnification" as 1/r where r is the radius of the largest circle that fits within the rectangle.

Terminology: A brief paragraph defining iterates (with the same zn indexing as here) and dwell

Speedup: Discusses the use of integer math and orbit detection by Floyd's method (RHOP algorithm), and teases an "enormous" speedup method.

Movies & Videos


Bibliography: Includes the Scientific American article, Mandelbrot's book, The Beauty of Fractals.


Products: lists ARTMATRIX

Plotting ℳ

Issue #1a 19870209

Apology: The delay is because I was trying to do lots of color pictures

The Amygdalan Sects: The fictional story, reprinted here.

Complex Numbers: The Basics

Speedup? An Exchange

Dwell: An Assembler Program: 68000 code using fixed-point math, with 3 bits to the left and 29 bits to the right of the binary point

Review: "On Growth and Form"

Bibliography: About 20 additional citations

Issue #2 198703

The Slide: The John Dewey Jones Minibrot

More Slides?

Why "Amygdala"?


Tutorial: Basic Mathematics of ℳ

Fractal Software Reviews

An Algorithm for Approximating the Main Region of the Mandelbrot Set: Complete derivation of the formula for the boundary of the main cardioid (the formula given in the R2a article)

Computers, Pattern, Chaos & Beauty

A Letter from B.B. Mandelbrot






Issue #3 198704

The Slide

More Slides!



The First Encounter

Quaternions, Ho!

Quaternions and Their Graphics

Fractal Software Reviews




Issue #4 198705

The Logo

Exploring the Interior of ℳ



Tutorial: Functions; Polynomials

Dr. Carl Spring Replies (fiction, follows "The First Encounter" story)

Mariani's Algorithm: Describes the Mariani-Silver algorithm.

Mariani's Algorithm Modified

"Eat My Dust!"






Flyer 198706


The Amygdalan Sects

The Slide

Complex Numbers: The Basics

A Journey to the West


Issue #5 198707

A Mandelbrot Machine: describes a custom-built coprocessor using two Weitek 1264 chips, running at 16 MFLOPs single-precision or 8 MFLOPs double (IEEE 64-bit).

A Journey to the West

Tutorial: Mandelbrot Polynomials: the lemniscates

Does the Mandelbrot Set Contain Intelligent Life?

Fractal Software Reviews




Foreign Collections




Issue #6 198708

Color Slide Supplement: Installment One

The Farside - The Mandelbrot Set on the HP 28C

Plotting the Mandelbrot Set: An Increase in Efficiency: Another version of the Mariani-Silver algorithm, with pseudocode

Mandelbrot Machine Design


"Complex Analysis"




Issue #7 19871101

MCI Mail

Slides (At Last!)

Cosmology and the Mandelbrot Set by Jonathan Dickau: Describes a modified atom domains rendering based on ending the iteration as soon as three iterates in a row satisfy |zn|<|zn-1|<|zn-2|, then using n as the dwell to determine a colour; then describes ways in which the resulting image is conceptually similar to certain qualities of the cosmology of western science (astrophysics), all seen through imagined interpretations of popular accounts. (Similar to the "Time and ..." article in this same issue)

Mandelbrot Programs for Amiga

A Monochromatic Theorem: A complete proof that any rectangle (not containing all of the Mandelbrot set) has the same range of dwell values among the points in its boundary as exist for the points of its interior. This is shown to follow from: the lemniscates are closed curves that are not mutually intersecting except at z=-2, and the Mandelbrot Set (being the interior of the limit of the lemniscates) is connected.

Time and the Mandelbrot Set by Ronald A. Lusk: Relates Mandelbrot images in a qualitative way to popularised concepts of astrophysics. (Similar to the "Cosmology and ..." article in this same issue)




Issue #8 19880106


Full Moon, October 1987 (poem)

Noble Work


The Slides

Ken Philip's Slide Notes

Escape Radius

About Mandelcolor (describing its charitable beneficiary)

Tutorial: Conjugation

Fractal Calendar - 1988

Order in Chaos by Martin Gardner (a review of James Gleick's Chaos: Making a New Science, reprinted from the Boston Globe 19871004)

Penrose on ℳ

More on "Amygdala"

A Letter from Rudy Rucker

Excerpts from a Story Called "The Mandelbrot Set" by Rudy Rucker


First Call

Slide Set: The 22-Legged Ant

Mail Order Books



Issue #9 19880218

Issue #10 19880426

Issue #11 19880711

Issue #12 19880826

Issue #13 19881009

Issue #14 19881104

Issue #15 19890305

Issue #16 19890421

Issue #17 19890815

Issue #18 19890925

Issue #19 19900104

Issue #20 19900513

Issue #21 19901018

Issue #22 19901202

Issue #23 19910517

Issue #24 19910629

Issue #25 19910718

Issue #26 19920617

Issue #27 19920727

Issue #28 19920823

Issue #29 19921101

Issue #30 19930301

Double Issue #31-32 19940801

Double Issue #33-34 19941001

Issue #35 19950901

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