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ARTMATRIX Naming    

Robert P. Munafo, 2023 Apr 20.

ARTMATRIX produced many materials (such as slides and postcards) featuring fractal images, and assigned concise names to most of the images, many of which were key illustrations in printed materials about the Mandelbrot set and Julia sets, etc.

One such publication produced in 1989 was Complex Dynamics — Volume I — An Introduction to Mandelbrot and Julia Sets. It consisted of 80 color slides, a Slide Description Booklet, two posters, and a Workbook in Complex Dynamics. The following names were used to refer to each of the items indicated:

Main series of mu-atoms and mu-units

M1 : The entire Mandelbrot set (R2).

M2 : "The 2-ball with its antennae" (R2.1/2).

M3 : "The 3-ball with its antennae" (R2.1/3).

M4 : "The 4-ball with its antennae" (R2.1/4).

M5 : "The first 5-ball (on the right of the cardioid) with its antennae" (R2.1/5).

M(2)5 : "The second 5-ball (on the left of the cardioid) with its antennae" (R2.2/5).

MC : "The cusp of the cardioid (R2.C(0)).

ME : "A typical elephant" (specifically R2.1/12).


MB3 : R2F(1/2B1)S and most of its decorations

MB3A : A closer view of R2F(1/2B1)S

MB4 : R2F(1/3B1)S


M3YA : R2F(1/3B*) (size of view is 0.035)

M3YAA : R2F(1/3B*) magnified more (size of view is about 0.001)

M3I : R2F(1/3B2) (centered on the point 0+i)

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From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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