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Low Resolution    

Robert P. Munafo, 1993 Jan 23.

Low resolution images are a very important element in a well-implemented user interface for a Mandelbrot browser program. Users who wish to zoom in to a known feature are often already familiar with the appearance of the features in the desired area, and can effectively use low resolution to view the images at intermediate zoom levels. Using low resolution decreases the time taken to generate the image, and thus the time taken to determine the location for the next zoom.

Some popular techniques which use low resolution are as follows:

Successive Refinement, in which the resolution of the image is gradually increased over time.

Limited-Region Refinement allows the user to select a region of the image and refine just that small region to a higher resolution. The low-resolution view of the image allows the user to see where to select an area for refinement.

See also the entry on Speed Improvements.

From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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