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ORIES Privacy Policy    

The RIES webpage includes a live online number lookup service (hereafter called "ORIES", for "Online RILYBOT Inverse Equation Solver".)

In order to monitor for possible overuse or abuse by malicious users, and in order to catch and fix any problems in the ORIES software's operations, all ORIES requests (including the actual submitted numbers) are stored in a private server log.

As on any web server, information about all webpage requests, including the requesting computer's IP address, browser version, referring website if any, and other similar details, are also stored in a private server log.

At, we strive to respect the privacy of our users. We will not use any of this information for any commercial purpose, or for any other purpose apart from diagnosing problems, monitoring the total level of usage, detecting abuse or misuse, determining which pages are most or least popular, and for similar purposes. In all cases the details of the information used will be kept private (except if necessary to comply with a legal order).

Notwithstanding the above, all stored data is subject to the risks of any online computer system, including risks to privacy. For example our web hosting provider could be attacked by remote "hackers"; there could be an "inside job" by employees; or the premises could be invaded by velociraptors.

In addition, there is no encryption of the ORIES submissions and responses during transport (we use an http, not https, URL), so the bad guys might be reading your numbers as they fly through the internets.

If you do not feel comfortable with the above, do not submit "private" numbers to ORIES, or refrain from using the ORIES service entirely.

See also our terms of use.

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