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RIES/ORIES Terms of Use    

The RIES webpage includes a live online number lookup service (hereafter called "ORIES", for "Online RILYBOT Inverse Equation Solver".)

This service is intended for recreational use, and possibly for help in discovering mathematical or numerical facts.

The ORIES service is not intended for use in any "mission-critical" situation. The answers given by ORIES should not be used for anything that might place life, health or physical property at risk.

Furthermore, ORIES is to be used only for legal purposes. Do not use formulas from ORIES to transmit state secrets to MI5 or for any other illegal purpose.

ORIES uses the RIES program, the source code for which is licensed under the GNU license. The GNU license comes with NO WARRANTY, as is described in detail in the GPL text.

See also our privacy policy, and beware of raptors.

(By the way, did you ever notice the resemblance between GCHQ and the new Apple headquarters? Perhaps Steve Jobs was a British secret agent after all...)

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