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These files have a GitHub repository for those wishing to see their revision history. It started with a fork of @Pikrass's Multi-Quote, but I've modified it extensively and added all the others.


These scripts are all for use within GreaseMonkey in Firefox or TamperMonkey in Chrome on "real" computer systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).

Most of them originated with other OTTers (participants in the OTT), and the original authors are noted in the table below. In a couple cases, I created a script entirely myself to provide a new capability that was not implemented by anyone else.

In all cases, I have reformatted the JavaScript to make it more where the functions, loops and other control structures begin and end; and in most cases I also added or changed their functionality.

Under the name column, each name links to the script; if you have GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey, clicking on this link will ask if you want to install the script. You may select "cancel" if you just want to look at the script without installing it.

name author(s) description and/or changes
automomeify Link and Mrob27 AUTOMOMEify replaces instances of Unicode character U+E4A6 with random AUTOMOME memes.
    I made extensive changes to have it crawl the DOM tree and change only those nodes actually containing the character. This makes the script work better in combination with other userscripts that install event handlers. It also makes plain-text substitutions because I don't quite have the mad skillz needed to change a Node.TEXT_NODE to HTML.
blindposter Mrob27 and balthasar_s Hides the "TOPIC REVIEW" section when you're making/editing a new post, so you can make a "blindpost" or blitz report without being spoiled by anything you might see there.
    This now also hides the 'ninja post(s)' if you try to Submit and another post has arrived.
cake-time-styler Aluisio (shows when OTTers are about to reach their N×100th post)
    Describe the colours; add my favorite numbers (27, 143, 1011) and 1190
facebook-no-sidebar Mrob27 Hides the "chat sidebar" from the right column on any Facebook page. Not specific to the OTT.
frame-linker Aluisio (Recognizes things like "M#2345" in posts and changes them to links that take you to an OTC frame, like mscha frame #2345)
    It no longer changes the text, for example "M#2345" is no longer changed to read "2345 [mscha]". Also, "m1234" is no longer treated as a frame number, the '#' is mandatory; and "M#2" is ignored because the number is too short.
gplus-no-bell Mrob27 hides the "bell" notification icon at the top of many Google pages, including Search and Mail. Not specific to the OTT.
multiquote Pikrass (Makes it easy to reply to multiple posts in a single reply-post. You enter your reply into a text box directly below each individual post that you want to reply to; all of these bits of text are saved until you click the "POST REPLY ↙" button.)
  I added two options:
    * Editing the original text (the part you're quoting) right away, so you can remove all the not-relevant portions, making the later task of composing the full post much easier;
    * Color the name of the quoted person blue
newpix-converter Mrob27, Pikrass, and Smithers (Displays all dates in Newpix units)
  This version shows both Heretical and Newpix units; colors the "Last edited by..." notices in a shade of pink/red based on how much time passed between the original post and the latest edit.
no-tinytext Mrob27 and azule Makes it clear there is "tinytext" and/or pale-colored text, both of which would normally be nearly invisible. Also has options to make both of these easily readable so all posts can be read without any further action by the reader.
profile-hover Ondrej Mosnáček (Makes the profile info, including avatar, remain visible when you scroll down, even when the post it really big)
    My version adds lots of comments to explain how it works.
reddit-show-dates Mrob27 Show absolute dates in Reddit pages
sig-contrast Mrob27 Changes background colour of signatures, making them easier to notice and skip if desired; option to hide signatures entirely.
soundcloud-kill-autoplay Mrob27 Disable the "continuous play" feature on SoundCloud (needs work, read the block comments if you're curious)
spoiler-opener Mrob27 Automatically opens all spoilers, changes their background colour to a light lavendar so they can be spotted easily, and changes the "Spoiler:" label to a measurement (in pixels) of the height of the content. If the spoiler is completely empty, the button is changed to contain the text "(empty spoiler)".
    My version adds options to change spoiler content background to a lavendar color; and to label the button "spURLer!" if the spoiler is inside a URL link.
spoiler-scroller Aluisio (Re-scrolls the window when you close a spoiler, so that the "open" button ends up right where the "Close" button was before you closed the spoiler.)
    My version is mainly just a reformatting: LiveScript object code slightly de-obfuscated by adding lots of whitespace.
s-leverage-use Mrob27 Replaces "leverage" (verb forms) with "use".
s-pony-leopard Eternal Density and Mrob27 Replaces the word "pony" in all its forms with "leopard".
stackoverflow-absolute-dates Mrob27 Show absolute dates in Stack Overflow and related sites
we-love-banana-yada Mrob27 (inspired by Eternal Density and balthasar_s) Replaces the text "I love BANANAS" with lines from BlitzGirl's Boom-de-Yada song OTTifications. (For a while during Mod Madness 2014, "I love BANANAS" was being displayed by the fora under every avatar of a user who does not already have a title under their avatar. This script makes Boom-de-Yada lines appear under the avatars instead.)
wiki-no-media-viewer Mrob27 Disable the "Media Viewer" in Wikipedia, even when you are not logged in
wikia-no-sidebar Mrob27 Hides the right sidebar (containing search, recent activity, photos, and chat) on any Wikia page, such as the xkcd Time wiki.
xkcd-1288 Mrob27 (from code by Eternal Density) Performs the substitutions in xkcd 1288
xkcd-show-alt-text Mrob27 Shows the 'mouseover' text on xkcd and What-If pages.

User Styles

name author(s) description and/or changes
xkcd-forums-clean-theme Mrob27 Renders the fora more readable, using a serif font and higher contrast (black text on a white background)

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