Robert Munafo

Robert Munafo
10 Linwood St. #304 / Malden MA 02148 / (617) 335-1321
mröb27 (at) gmáił.com (remove diacritics)

My purpose:

I'd like to give you a different type of description of who I am, to put my accomplishments into a 3-dimensional picture. You'll get to know me better this way.

Recent Projects

Employment Experience

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep (Swampscott, MA), 2006-2007.

Maintenance and repair of heating systems in homes and businesses

Filene's Department Stores, (now part of Macy's) (Hanover MA) 2003-2005.

Sales associate, later specializing in consumer electronics

Independent Research, 2002 - Present.

See extensive list of projects above

GCC Printers (Bedford MA), (formerly "GCC Technologies", Waltham MA) 1997 - 2002, Software Engineer

PostScript/PCL interpreter on RISC-based embedded operating system

PrePRESS Solutions (Billerica MA), 1996 - 1997, Software Engineer

High-end PostScript interpreter driving an imagesetter

Older independent open-source work, 1991 - 1996, Software Engineer

Several applications for Palm and Newton handheld PDA's; automatic mail-handling software for text pagers; custom email system based on open-source UUCP. Software development and technical writing for MacTech and PIE (Newton PDA) magazines

VideoGuide (Bedford MA), 1993 — 1996, Software Engineer

(later known as Guide Plus, part of Gemstar, then bought by Macrovision) This was a set-top program guide device. My code recognized and generated infrared remote-control signals; I also developed novel algorithms to quickly manipulate the large program database in memory with very low memory overhead (C and 68000 assembly in embedded OS and custom hardware platform)

General Computer Company (Cambridge MA), (later "General Computer Corportation" and "GCC Technologies", Waltham MA), 1987 — 1993, Software Engineer

Appletalk packet networking protocol and several other smaller modules for a laser printer operating system; drivers and modules for hard drives, printers, etc. on Mac OS. (C, 680x0 assembly, AMD 29000 assembly)