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Team (glossary entry)    

On many of my pages related to "psychology and sociology for men" I began by using the word team as if it were defined this way:

team: A group of men1 acting together towards a shared common purpose.

The team is a group of people interacting through all eight of the mature human archetypes, but when the definition shown here was being used, the focus was on the four "masculine" archetypes specifically.

Viewed as a group of people manifesting the masculine archetypes, teams have the following attributes and functions1:

Teams can fall victim to various team diseases, even despite exceptional wisdom and experience on the part of members and their best intentions. For this reason it is good for the team to have relationships with other teams. Such relationships can be implemented through joint meetings, shared goals and projects, and membership in a "team-of-teams" (which in these pages is referred to as a division to extend the sports analogy).

The men's teams I have been a part of also share a common experience of initiation. This adds somewhat to the feeling of unity and purpose but is not essential for any of the properties listed above.

1 : men: NOTE: It is not suggested that all of these qualities are only applicable to men, or even that they are more applicable to men — but most of the men in my life have found that a combination of most of the above is sufficient to make the team uniquely beneficial to men. In other words, the list above has a bias towards the masculine side of personality and psychology. See my discussion of the task vs. relationship attribute for more about this gender distinction, and my archetypes page for a more in-depth discussion of the qualities associated with the two genders of personality.

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