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In the easy-to-read RHTF format, the first 2765 pages of the OTT contain 110600 posts, 2113982 lines, 14266848 words, and 106191449 characters.

For detailed statistics, visit either of the pages "Cumulative OTT word-counts by NewPage" and "Average Rates", both of which are linked from the Table of Contents.

(OTT Lockdown notice was similar to the present offline notice)


The glossary is now on its own page, click here

(These are listed in the order they were announced in the OTT, with retro-edits allowed only if within a newpix or two)

The Book of Aubron (OTT:11:19)

The One True Wiki (OTT:64:9)

The Book of Geekwagon (OTT:162:22)

xkcd Time Catapult, a physics simulation by Manfred Hantschel (OTT:266:3). Also, Megan version

The Frames by mscha (OTT:348:6)

Time — the Database by Sciscitor (OTT:376:30, originally here)

      Users who have contributed art

The Dedication of Kieryn (OTT:422:23)

      Four auto-generated sand castles

      List of most common nouns in the OTT

      OTT Navigator

The Scripts of Time by pikrass (OTT:530:8)

The Map of Time by edfel (OTT:576:32)

Sciscitor's area of mscha's site (OTT:708:8)

jjjdavidson's area of mscha's site (OTT:903:35)

Tresoldi's Beanish blog (OTT:1313:30)

OTTermap by AluisoASG (OTT:1332:36, formerly here)

mscha's record of the Epilogue Sequence (OTT:1370:13)

Sandcastle Builder by Eternal Density (OTT:1433:7)

Scripts for OTT by Mrob27 (plus improved versions of some other OTTers' scripts) (OTT:1616:9)

Writer: an Ingremental Game by Ximenez (restored and improved by mrob27)

Incremental Zoo by Ximenez (OTT:1732:16) (originally here, now gone; restored and improved by mrob27)

ЯОЯЯІМ ТТО ƎНТ by balthasar_s (OTT:1752:4)

Chirpy Raptor OTT version (OTT:1786:23)

My xkcd 1190 "Time" Replay viewer (OTT:1810:2)

AUTOMOME by Link (OTT:1858:13)

automeme by mrob27 (OTT:1877:32)

OTToMeme by azule (OTT:1905:8)

PFFFTH! another physics simulation (OTT:1957:4) (originally here)

The xkcd 1190 "Time" Dialogue (OTT:2215:x)

time after Time viewer by balthasar_s (OTT:2280:5)

Most Notable SilentTimer and t1i Posts in Chronological Order

@mscha, OTT:1617:11 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (the first t1i frame)

xkcd TimeAfterTimeframe 315 (t1i-0000) (@mscha's viewer set to the first frame)

OTT:1730:12 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (the delurk post)

OTT:1776:33 "Kerning" (regarding how you had to fix letter-spacing mustard)

OTT:1930:8 "Time For Time After Time" (warning that you might not be able to keep up with the 4-hour ONG rate)

@balthasar_s, OTT:2016:27 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (the t1i end title frame)

OTT:2020:0 "The Making Of t1i"

OTT:2041:17 "t1i – How It Began"

@mscha, OTT:2073:28 "Time After Time: t1i-1414" (the surprise new frame in which Cuegan are returning the maps)

OTT:2095:3 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (comments about hiding secrets so well that nobody even knows there is something to find)

@ggh, OTT:2099:3 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (retro-edited 12 hours later) (showing the hidden text in t1i-0216 and t1i-1408)

OTT:2100:17 "Re: THE SEA IS BLUE" (explaining the name "t1i")

OTT:2101:37 "Mustard report, part 1/2" (concerning blue pixels, I don't think you did a "part 2")

OTT:2109:37 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (revealing the timing of t1i as related to Christmas)

OTT:2120:6 "t1i – How It Took Shape"

OTT:2141:34 "t1i – The First ONGs"

@mscha, OTT:2163:0 "Time After Time: t1i-1415" (another surprise frame, which maybe someone will explain someday)

OTT:2178:38 "Re: 1190: 'Time'" (explaining the hidden message in the panpix pixel-offsets)

OTT:2180:19 "SilentBot" (explaining the collaboration with @balthasar_s to UNG the t1i frames)

OTT:2189:36 "t1i – How I Learned To Wait For It"

OTT:2192:25 "t1i - Let's Go To The Top!"

OTT:2218:14 "t1i – The Delurk"

OTT:2233:0 "TimeAfterTime Revisited" (@SilentTimer's session at OTTercon, read aloud by @lmjb1964)

OTT:2242:39 "t1i – Don't Kill The Beanies!"

OTT:2245:18 "t1i – How The Bluecave Was Formed"

OTT:2264:29 "t1i – The Recursive Story"

OTT:2299:15 "t1i – It's Green Everywhere"

OTT:2317:38 "t1i – Radioactive Recovery"

OTT:2337:25 "t1i – A Drawing OF The Cave"

OTT:2340:19 "t1i – Shipping T** **d"

OTT:2349:2 "t1i – T** **dversary"

OTT:2377:19 "t1i – Did You Notice The SilentBot?"

OTT:2398:27 "t1i – The Making Of"

OTT:2409:18 "TimeAfterTime Revisited – t1i-0013"


Notable t-1 Posts by @taixzo

@mscha, OTT:2369:7 (the first t-1 frame)

@mscha, OTT:2454:23 (the final t-1 frame)

@ggh, OTT:2477:0 (gives the translations for all the Proto-Beanish text, and identifies @taixzo as the creator of t-1)

@taixzo, OTT:2486:33 "The making of t-1: PROLOGUE"

@taixzo, OTT:2500:0 ("thought transmissions" from 2015 Feb and 2015 June)

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